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Top 5 Tips To Ensure That Your Next Activation Is A Success!

We all know how much time goes into planning events! Ok perhaps the attendees don't, but speaking on behalf of the brands and event organisers involved behind the scenes, we know countless hours goes into making any event a success.

And the reality is that sometimes they are a big success, sometimes there are opportunities for improvement and sometimes they just don't work.

Lucky for you we have PLENTY of experience when it comes to creating brand activations that actually work and they don't break the bank doing it. So we thought it's about time we shared our Top 5 Tips to ensure your next Brand Activation is a massive success.

1. Understand the fans/attendees - Taking the time to properly understand your fans, what makes them tick and how you can improve their event experience should be number one on your list of things to do. We always start with the Fans First and work backwards from there.

2. Add-Value - Your activation tactics should always ADD VALUE to attendees. No we don't just mean handing out random giveaways either (You can read my other rant on that here) Anything you create needs to be a WIN (for the fan), a WIN for you (the brand) and ideally a WIN for the Team (asset your sponsoring).

3. People Power - Ensure you have the best people possible representing your brand on game day. This ideally needs to be a mix of knowledgeable employees as well as experienced promotional staff / brand ambassadors who are well briefed on your brand, your objectives and expectations. Skimp on good people and you run the risk of poorly representing your brand, negatively impacting your

results and ultimately ruin all that hard work

you have put into planning the day.

4. Review - Nope, the hard work doesn't stop when the event does! Ongoing success, especially when it comes to leveraging sponsorship investments means critically analysing the event. What worked well? What could have been done better? Can we change something for next time? The beauty of events is that they are fluid, you can change your tactics/approach for each one to see what works best. Our Tip? Ask for feedback from multiple stakeholders including promotional staff who worked on they day, they often have significant experience in the events space and can suggest areas for improvement.

5. Nurture, Nurture, Nurture - If you have gone to the effort of collecting any data from attendee's or even just asked for a 'follow' on social media it's so important to nurture these new connections, these potential new customers post event. This needs to be done in a timely and contextually relevant way though! Remember to keep adding value throughout this process too! Think 'exclusive behind the scenes footage' or 'special offers' for your newly acquired VIP's. Oh and don't forget to share the love online for those fans/attendees that couldn't make the event. 60 second hype reels are a great way to do this on your social channels.

For help on any of these topics please don't hesitate to reach out, our mission is to ensure the commercial viability of sport and events in Australia and that starts with connecting commercial partners with fans, their potential customer base.

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