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Job Briefing - The Importance Of Mastering The Creative Brief!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Finding the right event staff for your brand WILL be the difference between success of failure. No matter how good your creative strategy is, the event experience will only be as good as the staff who deliver it.

Whether you are outsourcing for the first time or seeking a new staffing agency, a great agency will assist you with ensuring that your creative brief  covers all bases and beyond.

So what does this all look like and what should a creative brief entail? The creative brief outlines what your vision for the campaign is and ensures that everyone is on the same page. It ensures effective communication between both parties from the get go and sets clear expectations, it is an absolute must to ensure the success of any marketing campaign!

Although there is no “fixed format” as most agencies have their own templates, your creative brief must revolve around these key components:

  • The Customers (your Fans) absolutely come first!! It’s is imperative that you clearly describe the target audience data to the agency in the form of demographics, psychographics, brand and product perceptions plus anything else you feel relevant.

  • The Product - what product/service are you promoting? What category does it belong to? Where is it currently being sold / advertised and in future? What is the current status of the product in the market? Price points? Point of Difference?

  • The Brand – Some background on your brand is always helpful. How are you currently perceived in the marketplace and what is your desired position? Who are your competitors?

  • The Campaign Specifics – what are your campaign objectives? What is your message and who is the audience? It is not uncommon for brands to run several campaigns at the one time. To define the campaigns strategy and approach, you must be able to hone in on what this project is trying to do. What action would like the customer to take, to make the campaign successful? Remember to make this specific and measurable! Are you supporting the campaign with a broader media strategy?

Post campaign, it’s crucial to hold a thorough debrief with your agency covering all communications, reporting and feedback. This is absolutely essential as it allows both parties to express different points of view from different angles, in the world of events there are ALWAYS improvements to be made, that’s just the nature of the beast. Download your free Creative Brief Template here.

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