Frequently asked questions

How do I become part of ACTIV Crew?

We’re thrilled you’d love to join the crew and can’t wait to hear from you! Please fill in the questionnaire on the “Join The Crew” page and be sure to attach your CV along with a recent photo. If you’d really like to impress us, attach a cover letter to tell us a little more about yourself and give us a little more insight into your personality.

I am booked in for my first event! What now?

Congratulations, you must have impressed us! Please make sure that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of your event. You need to be there early to ensure you have time to receive your uniform (if required), meet your team members and your team leader or onsite manager. Please make sure that you have allowed plenty of time to take into account parking, traffic etc. as these can change a lot during busy event times or road closures.

What do I wear to an event?

In your event brief there will be a specific section that thoroughly details what uniform/clothing you’re required to wear. If you are struggling to find the section, have any queries or issues with the uniform, please contact your “off-site” manager by email or phone immediately. However, generally some rules to go by are:

  • Keep your hair and makeup natural
  • Ensure that your shorts or skirt are an appropriate length
  • Minimal to no accessories
  • Do not wear workout/ yoga pants, shorts, tights or leggings (unless specified)

What can I expect in a shift?

Each client, brand and event are different, in either big or little ways. However, from ACTIV Crew, you can expect a fun, supportive and friendly environment. Once you are accepted for a shift, you will be contacted by one of our account managers and sent an event brief and FAQ for the client. This will be followed up by either a phone call or in-person training to ensure you’re thoroughly up to speed on your duties for the job.

I've submitted my application - What next?

Fantastic! We can't wait to hear all about your wonderful-self! The next step is for one of our management crew to get in touch with you via e-mail or phone to let you know whether you've been sucessful or unsuccessful in progressing to the next stage of employment. If you'd like to know a little bit more about who the "Management Crew" are you can virtually meet them on "Our Crew" page!

If you were successful, we will organise a time for a skype or face-to-face catch up to get to know you a little better. If you impress us here, you'll be invited to a group induction and training session to get you started with the ACTIV Crew!

I wasn't successful in my application - Can I apply again?

We understand that people are constantly changing, evolving and growing their skills - we'd be honoured if you'd like to re-apply. However, we request that there are at least 6-12 months between applications. Our Crew are always happy to give you feed back regarding why your application was unsuccessful.

What happens after the shift?

Thanks for working with us! We hope you're feeling as stoked about working in events as we do! After finishing your shift you should report back to your shift manager prior to leaving and make sure there are no other duties they need you to help out with. In your event brief you would have also recieved an attachment titled "Post Event De-Brief", it's a small form we like you to fill in to gather your valuable feed back about various different things. We use this form to make future events better for both you and for the brands you're representing. Make sure you e-mail back any photos you've taken during the event too. We love seeing your action shots!